To create an educational environment where knowledge, skills, rich morals and ethical value systems coalesce together to transform greenhorns into competent professionals, ready to take challenges and emerging needs of the society.


  • To provide quality academic programme in the field of Commerce, Information Technology and Management through dynamic professionalism.
  • To provide learning opportunities beyond academics to help students to adapt to the changing global needs.
  • To develop faculty as friend, philosopher and guide who can collaborate with students and push them beyond their limits.
  • To develop an educational infrastructure that provides sophisticated teaching aids and follows the best teaching practices.
  • To promote rich moral and ethical values to help students become responsible citizens and caring human beings.
  • To inculcate sense of commitment and social awareness amongst the students.


  • To promote conceptual and theoretical understanding of the respective subjects.
  • To demonstrate the acquired theoretical knowledge through regular practicals under close observation of teachers.
  • To encourage students to understand the needs and the application of the acquired theoretical and practical knowledge in the industry.
  • To provide opportunity to work on projects to develop their application skills.
  • To promote basic human and social values of human equality and fellow citizenship for strengthening social harmony.