I am delighted to welcome you to the City Premier College, Nagpur. I hope to convey the passion and enthusiasm that both staff and students bring to all that they do here, making CPC such a wonderful place to learn.

Founded in 2005, CPC is renowned for providing outstanding holistic education. As a College, we have a strong focus on student-oriented activities which help them become employable. We strive hard to improve their employability index and simultaneously the academic progress. We deliver the education curriculum, based upon the RTMNU syllabus, but it goes significantly beyond the minimum expectations to cover a diverse range of subjects. At the graduation level, CPC offers the most relevant and competent subject choices through its Skill Development Program.

Our students have done exceptionally well in the University examinations. Every year the students of our college figure prominently in the merit list. It is a proud moment for the Management and the Staff members, to pat our backs. Such success is a result of the partnership between the College, students, and parents, through our commitment. I am very proud of the exceptional body of teaching staff we have working across the College, engaging the students in a wide range of exciting learning opportunities. I am sure our students will find CPC a place where they can mark a beginning of a new life. I welcome you aboard…


Mohan Gandhe